The Team

Our Story

Members of our team have more than 100 years of combined experience in the football industry.


Sammy Bowen


Sammy has an entrepreneurial background and is experienced in dealing with players and celebrities through his background in the entertainment and hospitality industries.


George Zhu


George is a highly-educated Chinese national with over 20 years of international business experience.  George is key to bridging Western and Chinese Culture.


Harry Belford Spencer


Harry has more than five years experience in the banking industry in the UK, US and South Africa.  He has been in China for 5 years running businesses there including founding the restaurant group 'Mr Harry'.


Lee Rosenthal

(London/Tel Aviv)

Lee operates between the UK and Israel.  Having started out his journey to becoming a professional footballer, Lee changed direction and has operated for several years in the family business as football agent.  Lee is also an international bridge player.


Tom Long


Tom has 6 years' of football experience in China and has a degree in Football Business and Marketing from UCFB as well as various professional football qualifications.  Tom has previously worked at The Manchester Football Association and Burnley Football Club.


Michele D’Ambrosio


Michele has over 10 years of investment banking experience and operates as our key partner based in Milan, Italy.  Michele is a football lover with a strong connections in Italian football.

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